Benefits of Artglass AR 99 – UV Light Protection

Summer has arrived and the sun is finally shining down us. With this in mind we thought now would be a good time to discover the benefits of using Artglass AR 99. Learn how to protect your valuable art and prints from harmful Ultraviolet rays. Keeping colours bright and vivid for many years.

Watch the following videos to find out about the way Ultraviolet light affects everything around us.

Ultraviolet light affects everything

Damaging effects of Ultraviolet rays

Here at Centrado we can provide you with several products from the Artglass range, all specifically designed to protect your hard work from the sun’s rays. You can shop for our Artglass UV range here.

If you need to find out technical information about our Artglass products, check out our online catalogue.

Alternatively you can visit the GroGlass website.

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