The purpose of sub frames

Sub frames are a unique solution that adds strength to weaker frames and works as a hanging system for those heavier framed jobs. They are available in 3 different sizes and up to 3m lengths to support your requirements. We’ve got a step by step guide below on how sub frames work or you can watch our sales rep Karl talk through it in the video below.

Strengthening weaker frames

Step One

Using the sub frame length create a frame to fit inside the frame you want to strengthen.

Step Two

Drill pilot holes in the frames and screw in frame.

Your frame is now strengthened.

Hanging system for heavier frames

Follow steps one and two.

Step Three

Take a piece of sub frame that is the same length as your frames width, screw this to the wall where you would like your artwork to hang.

Step Four

The sub frame and the back of the frame will now interlock to enable you to hang your frame.


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