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The Create Collection is an extensive range of Italian wood moulding that combines superb quality with incredible value for money designed and curated by our in-house experts who work with the contract market. Consequently, Create offers excellence and choice at affordable prices. Our excellent product supply and manufacturing process ensures we can offer high stock levels to accommodate projects of any size.

The Journey - How it's made

Over 100 real wood italian mouldings

Extensive range of colours

Select a colour to discover the Create profiles available in this shade.


27 profiles to choose from

Select a profile to discover the Create colours available in this size.



14 x 13


15 x 14


20 x 14


20 x 33


20 x 40


22 x 22


22 x 53


23 x 13


23 x 21


25 x 13


30 x 13


30 x 20


30 x 21


30 x 25


33 x 13


33 x 30


33 x 47


35 x 15


38 x 20


39 x 40


40 x 13


40 x 30


54 x 20



10 x 32


12 x 54


16 x 52


27 x 52

everyday prices

Competitive prices for mouldings you can use every day

Attractive discounts available for bulk quantities

Enables you to increase margins on contract jobs


The Centrado Create Moulding stock is transferred weekly across all the depots to ensure high availability across the business.


Almost 1 million metres in stock across the Create range

27 profiles in a range of colours giving 168 different items in total

Large stock across the UK in our regional locations


paint process

quality control
process to minimise
moulding wastage

thin paint coating
to ensure
chip-free cutting