Artglass Lifetime Acrylic is a premium anti-reflective acrylic glazing product designed for the most precious artworks and memorabilia. It provides up to 100% protection from UV rays preserving your artworks for a lifetime and beyond. We recommend this durable product for artworks with high monetary or sentimental value and travelling exhibits that benefit from safer and easier transportation.

Size: 1930 x 1490mm
UV protection: 99%
Reflection: <1.0%
Light Transmission: >98%
Thickness: 3mm
Shatter resistant: Yes
Anti-static: Yes
Cutting: Either side
Colour of reflection: Neutral Green
Size Accuracy Tolerance: +/- 2mm
Best for: Precious artworks. Travelling exhibitions. Seismic zones
Cut to size: Also available – see product code 46002


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1490 × 1930 × 1490 cm

Additional Information

For information on cleaning and handling Lifetime Acrylic read our helpful guide here and for cutting tips find out more here
For more information download the Lifetime Acrylic leaflet here