Colourmount Mountboard

Our range of Colourmount Mountboard is varied enough to meet the demands of a huge number of framing requirements. No matter what you’re framing, we’ve got thicknesses, colours and sizes to offer just what you’re looking for.

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  • CM335

    Colourmount 300 Series White Core Range

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  • CM3975J

    Colourmount 300 Series Jumbo White Core Range

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  • CM2NDS

    Seconds Mountcard – CM2NDS

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  • CM507

    Colourmount 800 Series Cream Core Range

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  • CM2671

    Colourmount 2671 – Solid Core Conservation – Barrier Board – CM2671

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  • CM407

    Colourmount 400 Series Black Core Range

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  • CM202

    Coloumount 200 Series Museum Range

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  • CM671

    Coloumount 600 Series Solid Core Range

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  • CM2300

    Colourmount 2000 micron White Core Range

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  • CMDV

    Colourmount Double Value – CMDV

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  • CM2371J

    Colourmount 2371 Jumbo – 2000 mic Cons. WC White – CM2371J

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  • CM103

    Colourmount Linen Range

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