Centrado Mountboard

Every framer desires a range of mountboard in a variety of colours, sizes and types is a must-have. The good news is that we stock exactly that, offering mountboard from leading manufacturers such as Colourmount and Daler-Rowney, as well as stocking the range-topping Rising mountboard. Whether you need to order a single sheet or make a bulk order for several pallets, get in touch with us today and we’ll get to work on meeting your requirements. The range we offer and the service we provide is matched by our commitment to quality, particularly when providing our own range of Spectra mountboard at extremely competitive prices.

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  • CM202

    Coloumount 200 Series Museum Range

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  • CM671

    Coloumount 600 Series Solid Core Range

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  • CM2300

    Colourmount 2000 micron White Core Range

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  • CM2371J

    Colourmount 2371 Jumbo – 2000 mic Cons. WC White – CM2371J

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  • CM2372J

    Colourmount 2372 Jumbo – 2000 mic Cons. WC Black – CM2372J

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  • CM2671

    Colourmount 2671 – Solid Core Conservation – Barrier Board – CM2671

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  • CM2973J

    Colourmount 2973 Jumbo – 2000 mic Cons. WC Iced White – CM2973J

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  • CM2975J

    Colourmount 2975 Jumbo – 2000mic Cons. White Core – Antique – CM2975J

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  • CM3975J

    Colourmount 300 Series Jumbo White Core Range

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  • CM335

    Colourmount 300 Series White Core Range

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  • CM3202

    Colourmount 3202 – Museum Barrier Board 0.75mm – CM3202

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  • CM407

    Colourmount 400 Series Black Core Range

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