Roma Collection

The Roma Collection is our very own range of premium moulding. Designed and manufactured to the highest specifications, they have the kind of style and quality which will add to the impact of any picture you choose to frame with them.
Browse through our featured ranges below, designed to give the look and feel of the districts of Rome.

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  • 6360GD

    Roma Moulding – Loire 45x17mm Rustic Flat Gold – 6360GD

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  • 1500BS

    Roma Moulding – 50x20mm Flat Black with Silver Lip – 1500BS

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  • 7723GD

    Roma Moulding – 30x16mm – Gold – 7723GD

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  • 7713GD

    Roma Moulding – 40x20mm – Gold – 7713GD

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  • 6200PT

    Roma Moulding – 25x30mm – Pewter – 6200PT

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  • 1500SI

    Roma Moulding – 50x20mm Flat Silver – 1500SI

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  • 1500GD

    Roma Moulding – 50x20mm Flat Gold – 1500GD

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  • 6200BK

    Roma Moulding – 25x30mm – Black – 6200BK

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  • 6360CH

    Roma Moulding – Loire 45x17mm Rustic Flat Charcoal – 6360CH

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  • 6365DB

    Roma Moulding – Loire 60x29mm Rustic Scoop Dark Brown – 6365DB

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  • 7722BN

    Roma Moulding – 30x16mm – Bronze – 7722BN

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  • 7703GD

    Roma Moulding – 70x30mm – Gold – 7703GD

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