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Our contract range of Italian wood moulding combines superb quality with incredible value for money. Consequently, offering excellence and choice at the kind of prices you’ll find hard to match elsewhere.

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  • CR0225BK

    Moulding – Create 22x22mm Closed Grain – CR0225BK

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  • CR0225WH

    Moulding – Create 22x22mm Closed Grain – CR0225WH

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  • CR4040BK

    Moulding – Create 40x40mm Black Closed Grain – CR4040BK

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  • CR4530BK

    Moulding – Create 22x22mm Black Open Grain – CR4530BK

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  • CR3300BK

    Moulding – Create 20x14mm Black Closed Grain – CR3300BK

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  • CR1080BK

    Moulding – Create 35x15mm Black Closed Grain – CR1080BK

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  • CR4030BK

    Moulding – Create 40x30mm Black Closed Grain – CR4030BK

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  • CR0989BK

    Moulding – Create 20x33mm Black Closed Grain – CR0989BK

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  • CR3090BK

    Moulding – Create 20x14mm Black Open Grain – CR3090BK

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  • CR0989WH

    Moulding – Create 20x33mm White Closed Grain – CR0989WH

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  • CR1090WH

    Moulding – Create 35x15mm Flat White Open Grain – CR1090WH

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  • CR4530WH

    Moulding – Create 22x22mm White Open Grain – CR4530WH

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