Picture Frame Moulding

Centrado Moulding

We provide a wide range of picture frame moulding designed to meet all of your framing needs. In addition our commitment to quality and variety is matched by a desire to offer excellent value.
No matter what you need to get the job done, you’re bound to be able to find it within the moulding we carry in stock. From top-of-the-range Italian wooden picture frame mouldings to high-value aluminium and everyday polymer stock.
If keeping costs down is your top priority then take a look at our best-selling Create range. While customers seeking up-market exclusivity may be tempted by our Italian-made Roma range of mouldings.
Our warehouse in Huntingdon is packed with 220,000 metres of moulding, in stock and ready to deliver. Furthermore, free samples of our wooden and polymer mouldings are available on request.

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  • CR0225BK

    Moulding – Create 22x22mm Closed Grain – CR0225BK

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  • CR0225WH

    Moulding – Create 22x22mm Closed Grain – CR0225WH

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  • CR4040BK

    Moulding – Create 40x40mm Black Closed Grain – CR4040BK

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  • CR3300BK

    Moulding – Create 20x14mm Black Closed Grain – CR3300BK

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  • CR4030BK

    Moulding – Create 40x30mm Black Closed Grain – CR4030BK

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  • F2WH

    White Fillet – 4.5 x 12mm – F2WH

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  • CR4530BK

    Moulding – Create 22x22mm Black Open Grain – CR4530BK

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  • CR1080BK

    Moulding – Create 35x15mm Black Closed Grain – CR1080BK

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  • CR0989BK

    Moulding – Create 20x33mm Black Closed Grain – CR0989BK

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  • F1WH

    White Fillet – 4.5 x 6mm – F1WH

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  • CR3090BK

    Moulding – Create 20x14mm Black Open Grain – CR3090BK

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  • CR0989WH

    Moulding – Create 20x33mm White Closed Grain – CR0989WH

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