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Two New Mouldings for April

This April we are pleased to showcase two exciting new moulding ranges, Palma and Southwold.


Palma, an elegant monochrome design
Palma is an elegant moulding offering a flexible choice of styles amongst a monochrome palette with its ridged step profile. A versatile moulding that delivers a diverse range of end results in line with the latest photography and art trends.


1813 1814
17 x 17mm 23 x 26mm
Length £2.65/m Length £3.21/m
Pack £2.41/m Pack £2.92/m
1815 1816 – TRAY FRAME
43 x 30mm 7 x 55mm
Length £5.58/m Length £8.92/m
Pack £5.08/m Pack £8.12/m

Available in Black, White, Black & Gold, Black & Silver, White & Gold and White & Silver.




Southwold, a fresh coastal look
Introducing Southwold, our fresh range of coastal mouldings that offers a new range of colours with a limewashed effect. These strongly coloured informal mouldings compliment a range of contemporary and traditional art styles.



2502 2503
19 x 20mm 15 x 25mm
Length £2.92/m Length £2.86/m
Pack £2.66/m Pack £2.60/m

Available in Black, White, Brown, Blue, Red, Orange and Green.




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