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Artglass – Has it changed your business?

We asked some of our Customers about their experience of using Artglass within their business. They explain the transition to using AR70, the increasing demand, how they sell it and pricing right.


Founder and head framer Lee Smith of the Norwich Frame Workshop, shares his experience of using how using Artglass has transformed his business and the results he delivers to customers.

“Feedback from customers was so positive….I ran the numbers and realised the commercial benefits” comments Lee.

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With over 40 years picture framing experience, owner Vince Henshall at Abacus Picture Framing moved over to Artglass six years ago when they started buying more products from Centrado and like the better value and service of Artglass products.

Accordingly to Vince “We simply make loads more money using Artglass”.

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The art works

Directors Martin Fisher and Barry John Fowler (BJ) bought The Art Works 15 years ago, and have been framing for customers across West Yorkshire ever since. Over the last 10 years, they’ve both seen a massive transition in specialist glass: in the past, it was expensive and would scratch easily. But as the price has come down and the quality of the product has improved, they’ve recommended it more and more to customers.

According to Martin, “Artglass is simply better than standard glass and we prefer to use Artglass AR70 over other specialist glass.  For the customer, it doesn’t show any reflections and that is what is appealing – it showcases their artwork at its best.”

The Art Works now use AR70 for 75% of all the work they do, and it has been profitable for them to do so.

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