Centrado Ireland – Expanding Our Services

At Centrado our mission is to be your preferred supplier, so we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our service and product range.
We identified a great opportunity to do this within Ireland and in January we opened our first ever warehouse in Northern Ireland.

Opening the 2300sq.ft warehouse enabled us to offer our customers a wider product offering and introduce our dependable van delivery service, providing greater flexibility and a more personal experience.

“Having started using Centrado since January, when they introduced the van to Ireland, I’ve been hugely impressed. Really looking forward to having a broader range of products available on the van.” – Picture Framer in Dublin





We now support a growing customer base of 110 companies and are regularly introducing new product lines to the market.

“Its been a big move forward to be able to offer the sheet products to the Irish market. Delivering on our own vans has always been one of the centre points of our offering and it’s excellent to be able to extend that service to Ireland.” – William Middleton (Director)

A customer’s experience of Artglass

We dropped in to see one of our Irish customers, Dave from The Frame Factory, a bespoke framer based in Dublin to discuss why he moved from using Float glass to just offering Artglass AR70 for all his framing jobs and find out what his customers think of the invisible glass.

How long have you been using Artglass AR70?  

“We switched from float glass to Artglass AR70 in December 2018.”

Why did you switch to AR70 for all your jobs?

“It was because of the clarity really. The protection is an added bonus but the invisible look is the biggest wow.”

What has the feedback been from your customers since making the change?

“When we made the decision we were worried that we would lose some customers but the feedback has actually been super. We’ve had some people that don’t believe we’ve put glass in their picture until we tap it and prove to them that there’s something there! It’s also been amazing how many people have come back and asked us to change the glass in pictures that they’ve had up on their walls for years!”

What impact has Centrado moving to Ireland had on your business?

“Well, we didn’t really do all that much business with you before you moved over. Now that you’ve made yourselves so available it’s so easy. I mean, it’s just great that I can lift the phone to you on Wednesday and then on Friday Dennis turns up with the goods.”

Browse the Artglass range here.

Do you have questions on Artglass or would like to order from the range? Give us a call on 01480 445480 or email us at mail@centrado.co

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