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Customer Day 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to our incredible Customer Day at Wembley Stadium. It was an amazing day and hopefully everyone came away with some useful information and stories. As a memory for our day we have put together a video overview of the event. You can watch it and see our photos and… Read more »

New Corporate Video


Centrado is a family run business that strives to give the best personal service in our industry. With this in mind we have put together a new video for our customers, so you can gain an insight into what goes on behind the scenes here at Centrado. Meet our amazing team that work together to… Read more »

Tips for Cleaning, Cutting and Handling Artglass


Looking for hints and tips on best practices for cleaning, cutting and handling Artglass? Then check out the following video from Groglass, manufacturers of Artglass. The video will give you advice on the best and safest way to handle glass. In addition there is expert advice on cutting and cleaning the glass so you always… Read more »

Benefits of Artglass AR 99 – UV Light Protection


Summer has arrived and the sun is finally shining down us. With this in mind we thought now would be a good time to discover the benefits of using Artglass AR 99. Learn how to protect your valuable art and prints from harmful Ultraviolet rays. Keeping colours bright and vivid for many years. Watch the… Read more »