Artist Focus – David Britton

In September we went and visited one of our customers, David Britton, who is an artist specialising in paintings & poems.

Aged 12 David was injured and had to be in hospital while in plaster, it was here that he discovered his love of painting. Keeping himself occupied he started painting with advice from 2 painters on the techniques of painting with oils. David’s passion continued to grow as he developed his craft over the next 15 years, in 1973 he produced his first piece of art that he felt was up to a standard.

What’s clear is that David is extremely passionate, he did what many people don’t dare to do and gave up his job as a teacher to focus on painting & poetry. His wife Rachel has always supported his passion and whilst she worked as a civil servant, David became a house husband which gave him the time to focus on what he loved.

A key milestone for David came in 1975 when he held his first exhibition in Colchester his home town and has since gone on to hold 25 exhibitions of his work, both joint & sole. In 1977 David went on to win first prize in the Ver Poets Open Competition for his poetry work. It wouldn’t be the last time either,
winning the Suffolk poetry competition and going on to be short-listed 13 times in national &  International competitions.

To this day David is still painting with support from Rachel and is holding his next exhibition in December at The Minories gallery in Colchester running from the 4th of December through to January.

David has been a customer of Centrado for 3 years and buys our raw mouldings which allows him to  customise his frames to match with the image he has created. He has an array of paintings of beautiful scenes that have to be seen in person to appreciate the use of colour and how he brings the scene to life. If you’re in the Colchester area in December we urge you to go and check out his exhibition.

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