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Artglass is designed to protect your art, photos and memorabilia, all while being invisible. By eliminating reflection and glare, Artglass puts the focus on what’s truly important

product guide

Artglass AR 70 with low-iron glass substrate guarantees true colors, while the invisible magnetron sputtered coating virtually eliminates reflection. Artglass AR 70 is an effective solution for invisible displays where exposure to UV is minimal. With its elegant green reflection color, we recommend this product for photography and print glazing. For technical information click here.

Artglass AR 92 is used where the clarity and trueness of color are paramount, while the danger of UV damage is present. Low-iron glass substrate transmits true colors without shift or absorption, while UV block is dialed back slightly to leave the visible light unimpeded by absorption. We recommend this product for photography glazing that requires optimal UV protection and superb invisibility. For technical information click here.

Artglass AR 99 Water White combines outstanding UV protection without sacrificing any clarity. The Artglass technology will keep artwork safe from harmful UV rays while providing first-class transparency at the same time. For technical information click here.



Scoring museum-grade glass is not always easy. To help you
avoid scratching the new AR 99 Water White during handling,
Artglass have added a special film that can be removed just
before completing the framing. Less stress, better results.



Download the guidelines for AR 99 Water White handling and cutting or watch the video.


Artglass UV 99 provides the maximum UV protection for items that are meant to be enjoyed for generations. While this conservation grade product looks like regular glass, its 99% UV block means that UV damage is nearly impossible. We recommend this product for framing jobs that require the ultimate UV protection. For technical information click here.

Artglass Lifetime Acrylic is a premium anti-reflective acrylic glazing product designed for the most precious artworks and memorabilia. It provides up to 100% protection from UV rays, preserving your artworks for a lifetime and beyond. We recommend this durable product for artworks with high monetary or sentimental value, and travelling exhibits that benefit from safer and easier transportation. For technical information click here.

what our customers say

Founder and head framer of Norwich Frame Workshop, Lee Smith shares his experience of how using Artglass has transformed his business and the results he delivers to customers.

Owner and framer Lee has been using Artglass since 2018, then exclusively since 2020. We interviewed Lee to find out why he made the change and how this has worked for his business. Watch the video to hear first-hand from Lee about his journey with Artglass and customers responses to using this premium glazing product.


Abacus Picture Framing have been Picture Framing near Hebden Bridge in Halifax for over 40 years. Owner, Vince Henshall at Abacus Picture Framing has been using specialist glass for the past 13 years and moved over to Artglass six years ago when they started buying more products from Centrado and like the better value and service of Artglass products.


Increasing Demand 

Currently Artglass represents 25% of their glazing sales and is increasing year on year. Vince comments “We now offer AR70 on almost every job apart from posters.  In fact, we get lots of repeat business and existing Artglass customers will get it by default because it becomes their go-to option.”  

Pricing Right 

Vince explains “Whilst the glass is typically five times more expensive to buy, the profits from using Artglass are significantly better. Instead of using the standard 5 or 6 times multiple, Abacus triple the cost price to realise a retail price, but the margin is better and more profitable for the business. We simply make loads more money using Artglass”.  



According to Abacus’s owner the team like working with Artglass because the product comes well wrapped in their own cardboard boxes interleaved with the plastic sheets, so they always store it complete in its wrapping, ensuring its ready to use when needed. “We all like using it as it is much cleaner and easier to work with, but you have to mindful of waste and factoring this into the job as off cuts don’t tend to be used for small certificates / low value jobs, but this doesn’t seem to be a real problem” comments Vince.  


Customer Feedback 

“Our favourite part of the job is the reveal and as well as pointing out to customers that they made the right glazing choice, the customers are often blown away by the results which elevates the quality of the work we do. In fact I am now an avid fan and only use Artglass for my own pictures at home” says Vince.  

Directors Martin Fisher and Barryjohn Fowler (BJ) bought The Art Works 15 years ago, and have been framing for customers across West Yorkshire ever since. In 2017, they moved to their current studio and gallery in Otley, transforming it into a custom-designed workshop, where they make bespoke frames for both the public and contract market. The team pride themselves on professionalism, attention to detail and great customer care, and have an excellent reputation for providing a premium service whilst remaining competitive and offering good value. Over the last 10 years, they’ve both seen a massive transition in specialist glass: in the past, it was expensive and would scratch easily. But as the price has come down and the quality of the product has improved, they’ve recommended it more and more to customers.


Why Artglass 

According to Martin, “It’s simply better than standard glass, and we prefer to use Artglass (AR70) over other specialist glass. For the customer, it doesn’t show any reflections and that is what is appealing – it showcases their artwork at its best.” The Art Works now use AR70 for 75% of all the work they do, and it has been profitable for them to do so. 

How to sell Artglass 

The Art Works ensures there is always the AR70 shadow box on display at eye level during the consultation, so that customers can see the difference between standard glass and Artglass. In addition to this, they have a varied selection of small art pieces on display in the gallery, some with AR70, and some with standard glass, so that they can demonstrate the benefit during consultations. They believe the examples give further assurance to customers about the improved experience of using AR70. However, they always offer customers the choice, and provide a quotation that includes the price for standard glass as well as AR70. “In the majority of cases customers trust our recommendation to opt for the Artglass, knowing the extra cost is relatively low considering the price of the entire bespoke frame.” 


Customer Requirements 

BJ explains: “Customers like the results so much they often return with work they have previously had framed and ask to have the glass changed to Artglass. They want to see the art, not the reflection. This isn’t work we originally imagined we would get, but it all helps build the popularity of our service and the reputation of specialist glass as they tend to recommend it to friends.” 


Point of sale

Artglass products are best sold to customers through demonstration. At Centrado we offer complimentary point of sale marketing materials to help framers demonstrate the difference of using Artglass. Please contact us to request a sample suitable for your business.

product comparison

Product details Lifetime Acrylic AR 99 Water White AR 92 AR 70 UV 99
UV protection 99% 99% 92% 70% 99%
Reflection ~1% ~1% ~1% ~1% ~8%
Light transmission >98% ~98% ~98% ~98% ~89%
Thickness 3mm 2mm 2-3mm 2-3mm 2mm
Shatter resistance Yes No No No No
Anti-static Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cutting Either side Both sides Either side Either side One side
Reflection colour Neutral green Neutral green Neutral blue Neutral green None
Best for Precious artworks, travelling exhibitions, seismic zones Uncompromised UV protection and superb clarity Optimal UV protection and supreme clarity Colour precision and clarity with optimal UV protection Precious exhibits in controlled light environments


The values are calculated for 2mm thick glass, based on the Standard DIN EN 410