A picture-perfect collaboration

Our unwavering commitment to our customers means that we are always keen to find out more about them, so we recently sat down with Aaron Ramos-Gonzalez and Leigh Burgess to hear about this year’s transformation of Picture Frames Direct.

The company underwent a merger on June 1st, which saw the printing expertise and experience of Print Post join forces with framing aficionados Picture Frames Direct to better serve customers in a market that is increasingly dependent on digital.

As a fulfilment company, Print Post’s focus on the print industry was the ideal fit for the gap in the customer base at Picture Frames Direct. Moreover, the two had already been working together for many years, so the potential of a merger was too palpable to pass up when you have more tech-savvy customers knocking at your digital door than ever before.

“The world is being digitised right now and that side of things is changing,” Aaron observed. “A lot of customers want something yesterday.”

That’s why the company is so focused on the constant transformation that is necessary to meet and exceed customer expectations, whether the orders come from consumers wanting to frame personal gifts or larger online retailers requiring print and framing services.

There is a perception that the framing market is in decline, but Picture Frames Direct has actually seen quite the opposite trend with orders increasingly coming through digital channels. This means they can more effectively meet customer needs and grow as a business by shifting towards the likes of automation and APIs that streamline customer journeys.

Centrado plays a crucial role in supporting that evolution. Ever-changing seasonal demands and increased competition around delivery times are forcing the industry to adapt, which is why trusted partners are so important for companies like Picture Frames Direct.

“We can place orders sometimes at 5pm or later and it’ll be at our door at half-seven or eight o’clock in the morning,” Aaron explained. “Now, we’re lucky with the route we’re on, but service-wise for us, it’s second-to-none.”

“We lean on your expertise as much as you lean on us to help you in other areas, so it’s a two-way street.”

As part of a seamless production line with Picture Frames Direct, we need to be flexible enough at Centrado to meet a wide range of customer demands, especially when we are collectively competing with the likes of Amazon and the world of online shopping.

This is precisely why it was such a timely merger for Leigh and Aaron.

They are embracing new technologies and not replacing the human touch that sets them apart from competitors like Amazon. They are investing in the craft of printing and framing by continually training staff on all elements of the business to provide a more knowledgeable and comprehensive offering. They can deliver to the new industry standards of customer service without compromising on quality thanks to the combined efforts of their businesses to meet digital demand, as well as their longstanding relationship with us at Centrado.

“We’re 100% confident that Centrado has the products that meet the needs of the market at this moment in time,” Leigh explained. “They give us confidence…but also, looking forward, they’re quite happy to explore with their suppliers what mouldings they foresee and have them readily available for picture framers in the industry.”

This focus on the future, both immediate in terms of deliveries and distant in terms of innovations, is critical to ensuring the success of the merger, but the real pillar of Picture Frames Direct’s success is rooted in the past.

Leigh is the daughter of previous owner John Burgess, who has been integral to the company’s success over the past 27 years and still is to this day. John’s commitment to providing the highest quality products with the best customer service has made him a well-known, respected figure in the industry and the perfect business partner for Print Post.

We share the same sentiment when it comes to family values at Centrado, so we are proud to be working alongside such integrity in the picture framing industry.

As our interview with Leigh and Aaron highlighted, it’s the ambition to provide the best service for customers by not resting on any laurels that sets the strongest foundation for a successful company.

This was true for John 27 years ago and it is true today as Leigh and Aaron look to continue its success for the next 27 years and beyond.

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